Other Services

Within RJ Utility Services Ltd we have a diverse range of Capabilities gained over our 10 year lifetime these include:-

Utilities Infrastructure

Water & Gas infrastructure installation up to large diameter PE and Steel pipeline works

Ductwork infrastructure installation

Telecoms Infrastructure Installations and Maintenance

Electrical infrastructure installation (LV)

Leakage investigation and control (Water – Gas)

Electrical fault support works and correction

Gas leakage surveying and correction

RJ Utility Services Ltd are fully equipped to work in controlled environments which include restricted access areas and explosive or dangerous atmospheres.

Maintenance Services

General Maintenance

Gas Governor and compressor stations maintenance

Electrical Substation Construction & Maintenance

Water Pumping station Construction & Maintenance

Rail Networks

Technical Maintenance and installation

Gas governor maintenance alterations

Storage facility maintenance

Gas Holder

Silo Maintenance

Bund Maintenance

Pipeline / Steelwork Maintenance

Protective coating specialists

Corrosion protection specialists

Shot Blasting

Power Brushing

Valve Maintenance

Construction Activities

Bespoke GRP roofing specialist suppliers and installers

General construction activities

Bespoke Concrete bases

Minor civil works Deep Excavation Specialists / Confined Space Entry

Specialist Brick & Block work


Private Sector works

Building and street maintenance


Fault works

Infrastructure services

NHS trusts


Utility Infrastructure networks

Engineering works

Precision welding

Precision Fabrication

Steel Construction

Finishing Landscaping

Decorative stone works



Full range of General and Specialist Reinstatement works

Graffiti removal Brickwork treatment


High Security Fencing

CCTV towers

Site boundary Inspection and Maintenance

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