Gas Services

RJ Utility Services is a specialist contractor in the installation of low and medium pressure gas distribution systems. All our mains and service laying teams are approved up to Gas Network Operative 2 and have current New Roads and Street works Act certificates. RJUSL offers full installation with or without excavation and civil work and a range of “no dig” options including insertion, moling and directional drilling where required. RJ Utility Services also provides a full service for, but not limited to:

We provide a wide range of services throughout the North of England. With over 14 years experience you can be rest assured that all work will be carried out by highly trained professionals and to the highest of standards.

New gas service installations from 32mm up to 355mm in diameter

Repairs and maintenance of external gas service pipes and systems

Diversion of existing PE and steel services

Leak detection and repair

Emergency response to gas escapes

Specialist welding services including “hot” welding up to BG/PS P2 and P9

Upgrading of existing steel and cast iron gas services to Polyethylene

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